Fan WuThank you for being interested in my writing. I’m always delighted to hear from readers, and if you have questions or comments, please post them on my Facebook page  or write to me  directly. I look forward to hearing from you.

I have two published novels, FEBRUARY FLOWERS, a coming-of-age story of two Chinese university students, and BEAUTIFUL AS YESTERDAY, a story of mother-daughter relationship set in the San Francisco Bay Area.

My new novel, SONG OF THE DAISIES, is nearly completed after five years of researching, writing and editing. It’s about a young woman in the States,  when called back to her native China by the arrival of a mysterious letter,  must deal with her estranged father’s illness, investigate her brother’s death, and ultimately confront the demons of her past.

I have published many short stories, essays, book reviews on leading publications, such as Granta and The San Francisco Chronicle. Inspired by my two children, I’ve recently started to write stories for children.

Please visit my blog, where I write about my reading, writing, and China, my birth country.

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“Fan Wu is an exciting storyteller with an original take on the disarray of family history and American culture, and, ultimately, how we manage to define ourselves. BEAUTIFUL AS YESTERDAY is a story with intelligence, insight, and heart.”
– Amy Tan, bestselling author of The Joy Luck Club

“A book for the new millennium. Told half way between here and there, BEAUTIFUL AS YESTERDAY holds a mirror to America as much as it tells us about contemporary China…Fan Wu tells tales of modern Chinese women without mythologizing or romanticizing their lives. Her stories are foreign and familiar all at once, her writing beautiful and spirited…”
– Sandra Cisneros, bestselling author of House on Mango Street

“Full of mystery and misunderstanding…perfectly poignant.”
– The Independent (UK)

“Characters, plot, and Chinoiserie combine in a debut novel (FEBRUARY FLOWERS) that shines…animated by unforgettable characters, and infused with emotional honesty, Fan Wu’s first novel is moving, sexy, and impossible to put down. Her style is deceptively simple, her prose confident, clear and precise…a brilliant debut.”
– The Bulletin (Australia)

A fresh, original work that strikes a fine balance between intimacy and restraint, and shatters several stereotypes along the way.
– The Asian Review of Books

“Not a comfortable read, but nevertheless full of vitality, and an insight into a world very different from ours.”
– The Oxford Times

“This novel (BEAUTIFUL AS YESTERDAY) explores the consequences of trapping one family between two nations. Placidly paced, and eschewing claims to grandeur, the story traces familial and cultural values as they transfer between generations and geography.”
– San Francisco Chronicle

“An original and unforgettable story. Just like the flowers referred to in the title, Fan Wu’s novel is brimming with passion, vitality, and hope. The girls in this book are the daughters and granddaughters of The Good Women of China, and are products of the society both modern, expansive, and communistically introvert.”
– Xinran, author of The Good Women of China

“A novel that takes us inside contemporary China by a keen-eyed Chinese writer who knows English inside out. ”
– Alan Cheuse, author of The Light Possessed and The Fires

“a novel that turns its eye away from imagined audiences and keeps it trained on the story at hand…the ease with which it (the novel) shakes off the voiceover of memoir, with all its intonations of latterly won wisdom, and enters the past as it was lived, in real-time and without the props of hindsight. As compelling is the way in which the two friends become emblematic of China as it was then… …”
– Financial Times Book Review(UK)

“This first novel (February Flowers) commands our attention if we want to understand contemporary China…Yan is perhaps…the bipolar characteristics of contemporary China, and its unique brand of market Stalinism, modernity and tradition. …”
– The Tablet (UK)

“Fresh and original…”
– The Age (Australia)

“Gently paced…an elegant book.”
– The Sydney Morning Herald

“Fan Wu’s debut novel captures the chasm between both the old and the modern of her motherland”
– Sun Daily (Malaysia)

“A finely wrought first novel…deeply compelling…”
– The Bangkok Post

“Wu has created a story full of emotional honesty that has engaging, complex characters who must negotiate challenging and uncertain situations.”
– Radio Singapore International
“A winning debut…engrossing, beautifully written…sophisticated blend of lyricism, humour, sexual titillation and earnest exploration of being and becoming…”
– Straits Times Singapore

“First-time author Fan Wu’s elegant pacing and tidy, vivid prose captures China on the cusp of its economic boom, with the characters caught in the social eddies that curl around it….However universal coming of age stories may be, few capture a country’s zeitgeist, as Wu’s work does.”
– That’s Beijing Magazine

“Engaging…strong and intransigent…”
– TaiPei Times

“Subtle and delicate…a beautifully written, promising debut, full of light detail and intense reflection.”
– CompulsiveReader

“February Flowers is an impressive debut from Wu. It offers an insight into contemporary Chinese life not often seen in literature of Chinese origin and will leave the reader wanting more of the same. ”
– The Blurb (Australia)