If You Make Me Your Best Friend

With friends
Best friends forever, Maya, 6 years old

If you make me your best friend
We can do many things together
We can have the whole world to ourselves

We can gallop together, hand in hand
We can sing happy songs all day
We can dance silly dances all night
We can draw until we’ve used all of our crayons and chalks
We can play in the mud until our shoes are too heavy to walk
We can build castles on the beach even when it’s raining
If you want to travel
I can take you to China, where my mama is from
Where we can see pandas and fly kites in the world’s largest Tiananmen Square
Where we can listen to Terracotta warriors telling the stories from the Qin Dynasty
Where we can cruise the long, long river of Yangtze in a dragon boat

I can also take you to Sweden, where my papa is from
Where we can explore the giant forests of Varmland and ride horses in Gotland
Where we can watch the northern lights and the midnight sun
Where we can be pirates, steering our ancient ship through the ever changing sea

If you want to learn a secret language
I can teach you Chinese or Swedish
So you can say Ni Hao and Zai Jian
So you can sing Ja ma hon leva! at birthday parties
So you can be the coolest kid on the block

Maya Little House
Our Chocolate House, Maya, 6

I don’t care if you are a boy or a girl
Tall or short
Thin or fat
Rich or poor
White or black or brown
Have crooked teeth or a freckled face
Religious or not
Or if you live in Africa, Australia, or Antarctic
We can be best friends
As long as you want to have a best friend
As long as you like to play

It doesn’t matter if you’re a boy or a girl
We can be firefighters
So can we dress up with our mamas’ clothes
We can race cars
So can we play with dolls
We can choose blue or green as our favorite color
So can we tell the whole world we love red and pink

And I promise
That I won’t tell you to brush your teeth
That I won’t order you to finish your dinner
That I won’t ask you to put away your toys
That I won’t put you on Time Out if you don’t listen
That I won’t scold you for dirtying your clothes
That I won’t force you to wear your socks
That I won’t expect you to answer what 8 plus 9 is in front of strangers
That I won’t say to you, “It’s time for bed!”
And most importantly, I won’t, won’t ever, ever tell you that I’m busy

We’ll play and live like two elves
Without worrying about time and school
We’ll build ourselves a house with a sponge roof and a crystal door – a house made of Chocolates, candies and that kind of ice cream that never melts
We’ll invite all the wild animals to live with us
We’ll plant flowers of every color around the house
When it’s summer
We’ll camp out, lying side by side, counting stars, dreaming the forever sweet dreams
When it’s winter
We’ll build a snowman, decorate our Christmas tree, and
Ski down from the hill as many times as we please

But all these won’t happen until you make me your best friend
Until you look me in the eye and tell me,
“Please, please be my best friend.”
Until I reply, “Yes, of course!”
Until we pinky swear that we’re each other’s best friend

Please don’t let me wait for long
Because by then I may have become someone else’s best friend
So remember, please remember to write or call or visit me as soon as possible

If you make me your best friend
We can do many things together
We can have the whole world to ourselves